July 7, 2013

Single Black Woman Graduation: 10 Signs You’re Ready

1.      You take complete responsibility for being single.

2.     Up until now, your dating life has been something like recess.  You’re ready for something new.

3.      You’ve released hundreds of innocent male bystanders from failed relationship blame.

4.       You are truly happy.

5.     Relinquishing some of your freedoms no longer repulses you.

6.     You have your dream home all picked out (down to the tile) and you know you can’t live in it alone.

7.       You have a clear non-materialistic visualization of your “man”.

8.       You believe you can meet your husband at any time and you’re always ready.

9.       You peep game like you have spidey senses.

10.   The thought of a family makes you smile.


  1. Why The Hot Single Girls Aren't as Pretty as They Think
    Why The Hot Single Girls Aren't as Pretty as They Think


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