March 16, 2013

Cheap date gone right...THE $4 DATE

Only 48 hours post date am I realizing that I had a fantastic time and dude didn’t spend a dime.  How’d he do that?!  You hear all the time you shouldn’t equate dollar amounts to how much a person is into you.  That statement is usually followed up by some whack mention of ice cream and a walk in the park.  Shout out to dude – ‘cause you just pulled a rabbit out yo swag bag and I am impressed.

I meet dude at his office in the heart of the city and initially I am impressed.  Business men drive me wild, so when I see he has actual employees and things to do before tending to me – I’m like "YES" do your thang.  One Vodka Cranberry and 30 mins. later we dip.  $0.00 dollars spent.

We’re off to an art viewing.  Chit-chatting as we dodge through the streets, we arrive shortly after.  Taking in the art, complimentary wine in hand, I am in my element – and he knows this.  Ten points for dude because he listens, has great taste and I even got some networking in.  $0.00 dollars spent.

He tells me to finish my drink, I down it and we’re off again.  Whipping through the cold dark air in pursuit of some reggae vibes – we hop in his ride and arrive at a hole-in-the-wall speakeasy that his friend owns.  I love reggae!  The artist was great, the band eclectic, he’s politicking and by now I am in my zone. $0 dollars spent.

Now I am hungry, so I suggest a pizza spot I saw on the way to the next location.  We pop-in and order slices.  As he proceeds to hand over his plastic, the cashier points at the hand written sign – CASH ONLY.  I think I have cash.  I manage to scrounge up $4 bucks and the nice lady behind us puts $1 on it.  We eat, well mostly I eat and he watches me eat.  $4 dollars spent.

Before I look up – he grabs my hand and off we go.  Last stop, a premier nightclub in the city who he happens to know the owner of – go figure.  As soon as we arrive the manager buys us drinks and we have a seat.  We end up dancing the night away with some friends we made.  I cut the night short because it was getting late for my taste.  END RESULT: I arrive at my doorstep with an admiration for dude and how he commands a room; people are just drawn to his energy.  I had so much fun – PRICELESS. 


  1. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks for making me smile. I love happy endings.

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