October 24, 2012


For the last decade my hair styles have evolved and almost taken on a life of its' own. My life up until now has revolved around my hair.  Money, time, energy, my emotional state have all been slave to my bought-and-paid-for.  Take a look back...

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In August 2012, after absorbing years of damage and breakage from keeping up with what society perpetuates as beauty, I was left with this...

Random broken pieces...

More random broken pieces...

Heat damage.

And more random broken pieces.
I was thoroughly annoyed - mostly because the breakage was self-inflicted.  I also knew there was no coming back from heat damage and the type of breakage I had - period.
So I did a quick length check to remember the days when :)

You can see the texture of my hair here for those of you who are curious. 
 Immediately after the above photos I was in the salon chair with the looming sound of clippers inches away from my scalp.  I bit down on my bottom lip and told the stylist..."just do it!"

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